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Documentation Update Information
History List is updated whether a new document is created or an existing document is updated.
Updated documents replace the previous ones.
Only the last version -  release of each document is valid and in-force.
Therefore, only the last version - release is retained in Governance portal.

The following documents were registered in Governance, Ethics and Compliance Portal:

Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance & Internal Audit Policy
Code of Ethics for Principal Executive Officers
Environmental Policy
Sustainability Policy

Regulatory Compliance
Information Security Policy (Base)
Information Security Policy Specifics Section#1
Anti-bribery & Anti-corruption Policy (Base)
Anti-bribery & Anti-corruption Policy (Specifics)

Procedures & Practices
Business Continuity Planning

Software Development
Software Development Quality Assurance Plan
Software Test Plan Handbook

Software Support Services
Software Application Support Services

Project Management
Project Implementation Overview
Project Management & Governance
Project Management Methodology Handbook

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